Victor Delpierre


Tell us something about you.
My name is Victor Delpierre. I was born in Calais, a town in Northern France. I have always worked in close contact with top-level hotels and in the world of catering. My first passions were cocktails and mixology – combining different tastes and products to create unique sensory experiences. I met coffee in 2007, thanks to Michael Mc Cauley. This encounter changed my life and has been very rewarding – in 2013, I won the Coffee in Good Spirits World Championship. I have been working as consultant and travelling a lot to share my professionalism with different cultures.

What about your hobbies?
Travelling, cooking and riding my bike.

A day without coffee...?
It would be very strange! I started drinking high quality coffee ten years ago, and I haven’t been able to do without it ever since!

You’re good at...?
I wasn’t bad at all on two wheels! I love cycling, but now I have less time to practise it.

What’s your favourite coffee spot?
I don’t have one single place, therefore I’d say: home. I have travelled a lot for work and found some fantastic coffees around the world, by the way.

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